Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Happy Friday Lovelies!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week!  It’s been frickin freezing again over here, so since we couldn’t really go out and do much, I decided to whip up some heart shaped sugar cookies, buy some candies, and invited a few of The Twincesses friends over for a Valentine’s Day cookie decorating party!  The kiddo’s had so much fun, and us momma’s got to drink coffee, and chat! 


Sugar cookies aren’t the only cute Valentine’s treat I whipped up recently.  I also made some “Pink Velvet” cupcakes that I plan on bringing to The Twincesses Valentine’s Day Party at Preschool on Monday, and thought I’d share the recipe with you for today’s Fave Recipe Friday! 

Pink Velvet cupcakes are pretty much the same as traditional Red Velvet, except instead of coloring the cupcake batter red, I dyed it pink! And despite what many people think, Red Velvet is not just chocolate cake dyed red!  In fact, many variations of the recipe don’t actually use chocolate at all.  The ingredient that makes it “Red Velvet” (or in this case Pink Velvet) is using buttermilk!  I personally like to add a little bit of cocoa powder in my recipe, just to give it a lil more flavor, but that’s just personal preference! 

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day treat? And as always, be sure to let me know if you try out my recipe!  Have a great weekend lovebugs!











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